Saturday, May 5, 2012

North Dakota Spirits made with Chokecherry?

Grandmas across the great state of North Dakota had a knack for finding enough chokecherries every fall to make chokecherry jelly, jam, syrup, butter, and, of course, wine.  But, most grandmas never imagined you could infuse chokecherries into vodka to make a prairie cocktail with a kick to it (Chokecherry Vodka)!  We always enjoy stories at the Maple River Winery about grandma/grandma/cousins/brothers/sisters and how they would make chokecherry wine.  However, now that we have branched into the Maple River Distillery as well, we have many, many people comment about how they had wished grandma would have been made able this fine product.  Every now and then, you get someone that has a tear (or more) in their eye talking about this.  Well....raise your glass and toast....this one's for you grandma!!

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